Food items restore energy when the Ranger consumes them by moving onto the space they occupy. They can be found in the Forest or crafted. Some items have an additional ability that is activated when thrown.

Equipable charms including the Egg Boiler, Fork of Eating Alone, and Yo-Yo of Mania affect the amount of energy gained or lost by food.

If the Ranger consumes a meat item (indicated below) at any point during his career, you will not receive the Vegetarian achievement upon completing a full career.

For more information about recipes, visit the Crafting page.

Food Types Edit

Name Energy Meat
Apple 8 No
Dragonfruit No
Family Dinner 20 Yes
Fearsome Stew 20 Yes
Jar of Honey 10 No
Mole Stew 20 Yes
Owl Head Pickles 30 Yes
Poison Toad 30 No
Pork Roast 20 Yes
Raccoon Stew 10 Yes
Royal Honey 50 No
Toadstool 30 No
Yeti Stew 30 Yes
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